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The River House offers you the perfect private getaway in an all natural surrounding in the coastal town of Balapitiya along the banks of the Madhu River. The property boasts of suites that are secluded and unique in their own special way while you can enjoy some romantic Jacuzzi time with your better half in the privacy of your own suite. Meals can be arranged so that you can have an intimate dining experience while you can rejuvenate yourself by enjoying an in-suite massage or some yoga. The surroundings of the River House consist of a diverse eco system making it perfect for the nature lover.

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The pool which is surrounded by trees is perfect to enjoy a dip or laze around all day sipping cocktails.
Do away with the usual. Glance at the menu or opt not to and just tell our chef what you crave most. Breakfast can be served late in the afternoon. Rare native vegetables or the freshest seafood will be sourced just for you.  There's an obsessive attention to detail here, but it's all about how you want things. We've upped the ante for exclusive, yet carefree.
Enjoy complete zen by taking part in a yoga session with a trained practitioner while you are holidaying at the River House.